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Nana florist

Highly skilled Florist and local Flower shop in Toronto Ontario. We Offer a Same Day Delivery Service to Toronto, M4C. Local Delivery.

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2454 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M4C 1K9

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001 416 686 6889

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Florist Choice

Florist Choice

CAD 50.00

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Mixed Basket

Mixed Basket

CAD 55.00

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Mixed Hand Tied Aqua

Mixed Hand Tied Aqua

CAD 55.00

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opening days

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

local time: 02:15
(approx; no DST)

opening closing
Mon 09:00 19:00
Tue 09:00 19:00
Wed 09:00 19:00
Thu 09:00 19:00
Fri 09:00 19:00
Sat 09:00 18:00
Sun 10:00 16:00

minimum order:

CAD 50.00

local delivery charge:

CAD 10.00

delivery (CAD) in areas:

M4C 1A1
M4C 1A3
M4C 1A4
M4C 1A5
M4C 1A6
M4C 1A7
M4C 1A8
M4C 1A9
M4C 1B1
M4C 1B2
M4C 1B3
M4C 1B4
M4C 1B5
M4C 1B6
M4C 1B7
M4C 1B8
M4C 1B9
M4C 1C1
M4C 1C2
M4C 1C3
M4C 1C4
M4C 1C5
M4C 1C6
M4C 1C7
M4C 1C8
M4C 1C9
M4C 1E1
M4C 1E2
M4C 1E3
M4C 1E4
M4C 1E5
M4C 1E6
M4C 1E7
M4C 1E8
M4C 1E9
M4C 1G1
M4C 1G2
M4C 1G4
M4C 1G5
M4C 1G6
M4C 1G7
M4C 1G8
M4C 1G9
M4C 1H1
M4C 1H2
M4C 1H3
M4C 1H4
M4C 1H5
M4C 1H6
M4C 1H7
M4C 1H8
M4C 1H9
M4C 1J1
M4C 1J2
M4C 1J3
M4C 1J4
M4C 1J5
M4C 1J6
M4C 1J7
M4C 1J8
M4C 1J9
M4C 1K1
M4C 1K2
M4C 1K3
M4C 1K4
M4C 1K5
M4C 1K6
M4C 1K7
M4C 1K8
M4C 1K9
M4C 1L1
M4C 1L2
M4C 1L3
M4C 1L4
M4C 1L5
M4C 1L6
M4C 1L7
M4C 1L8
M4C 1L9
M4C 1M1
M4C 1M2
M4C 1M3
M4C 1M4
M4C 1M5
M4C 1M5
M4C 1M6
M4C 1M7
M4C 1M8
M4C 1M9
M4C 1N1
M4C 1N2
M4C 1N3
M4C 1N4
M4C 1N5
M4C 1N6
M4C 1N7
M4C 1N8
M4C 1N9
M4C 1P1
M4C 1P2
M4C 1P3
M4C 1P4
M4C 1P5
M4C 1P6
M4C 1P7
M4C 1P8
M4C 1P9
M4C 1R1
M4C 1R2
M4C 1R3
M4C 1R4
M4C 1R5
M4C 1R6
M4C 1R7
M4C 1R8
M4C 1R9
M4C 1S1
M4C 1S2
M4C 1S3
M4C 1S4
M4C 1S5
M4C 1S6
M4C 1S7
M4C 1S8
M4C 1S9

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flowers: exotic, traditional, dried, silk, indoor plants, wedding flowers, funeral flowers

gifts: vases, candles and cards, balloons, soft toys, chocolates

products: Funeral Flowers, Wedding Flowers, Same Day Delivery Available, Fresh Flowers,

qualifications: Ikebana Arrangement Specialist

affiliations: teleflorist   eflorist  

payments accepted:  amex visa mastercard 

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“Fran loved the flowers, We would like to say a massive thank you fro helping us out!!”
  – Beautiful Flowers